“A session with Lotara is something I feel blessed and honored to have experienced. From the moment I walked into her space I felt at home. I felt safe and comfortable to take all the baggage that I walk around with off and just surrender to the present moment. Although I still don’t have a full comprehension of exactly what body talk is I was able to really trust Lotara because of her extensive knowledge on the mind/body/spirit connection and because of her gentle approach to healing. During my session I felt energy moving all throughout my body. It moved to places in which stagnant energy was, and in ways I felt that it woke that energy up, and also released the energy that was no longer serving me.

What I really loved about the session was there were certain themes that came up during my session that I then saw appear in my life over the next week. The synchronicities between what came up in my session and what came up in my life afterwards were so on point, which made me feel very grounded and guided in my actions. Also after my session for the next few days I was able to feel and see (when I closed my eyes) energy currents moving from the top of my head to my feet. This experience was really special for me because I could tell that Lotara had woken up some dormant energy in me and it showed me that I have the ability to access these channels in me when I am relaxed and aware enough. Overall I’d really recommend Lotara to anyone who is looking for healing and support from someone who is extremely kind, comforting, professional, and humbly powerful.”