“I began seeing Lotara for Bodytalk 4 years ago. I was immediately drawn to this form of body work because at the core of the work is the premise that the body has the intelligence to heal itself. Sometimes the body needs a facilitator or witnesser to offer space for that to happen. When I refer to the body, I am not only speaking about the physical material body, I am also referring to the mental body, the energetic body, the emotional body and so on. Bodytalk does not privilege one body over the other, but offers a way through its language to hold space for identifying the relationship between these bodies.

Being that I am a bodywork practitioner myself and very cerebral, I appreciate Lotara telling me about the process of the session. Sometimes bringing the process into verbal context helps me to understand what is happening for me in my healing process. And then there are some aspects of the process that I don’t need to understand in the analytical part of the brain because the healing is happening regardless.
BodyTalk is a very safe and nurturing method of bodywork. Along with my spiritual practice, BodyTalk has been the most effective method of healing for me. The method offers space for my healing as an ongoing process. Lotara is an incredible BodyTalk practitioner, a healer with the utmost integrity, and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to work with her.”