“I’d like to take a minute to share about the BodyTalk session I received from Lotara James in 2015 after the Valley Fire raged through Lake County and I lost my home.
First, I’d like to thank Lotara for her compassionate generosity to have sessions with people in Lake County after the fire. I found Lotara’s BodyWork treatment to be spot on in identifying not only the physical symptoms I was dealing with as a result, but also the mental and emotional aspects at play as well.
At times I have found it quite challenging to get to the roots or core of what issues I am dealing with physically and emotionally, and I found that Lotara’s gift with the BodyTalk training was an exquisite tool for doing this.
Lotara’s natural sensitivity and intuitiveness combined with the BodyTalk tools were able to quickly and softly get right to the issues at hand. This, as a result, brought swift healing and light to the subjects as well, and have provided continuous and ongoing understanding of the issues for further healing. Thank you, Lotara, for this gift of your healing art.
Thank you, again, for the session after the fire.”