This is a letter of gratitude for Lotara James.  I had a lot of stress back in September 2020 after which I started having terrible night and day sweats and my eyes were getting crossed and it felt like they were rolling uncontrollably.  The sweats would appear every 15 minutes and it felt like I was on fire.
I had two sessions with Lotara after which it all stopped.  The eyes issue stopped bothering me completely after Session #1.  The sweats disappeared or became almost non-existent after Session #2.
Lotara knows how to access active memory of trauma from childhood which she encouraged me to bring to the surface.   She also showed me a couple of very simple but powerful breathing techniques to do at home, which I did.
I highly recommend Lotara James and the BodyTalk method to you.  Book a session ASAP to enhance your heath.  –S.I.